Blue Sapphire Jewelry Company in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur India

 Blue Sapphire Jewelry Company in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur India - Blue sapphire can be a perfect gemstone that can replace other valuable gems in the market. With a unique color and the ability to be beautiful with less or no inclusions, this stone has attracted a lot of attention. It is about beauty and specific healing values that make it a perfect choice for daily wear. You can either wear it as a pendant, ring or bracelet to ensure the reception of positive energy. This Sapphire stone gained more popularity when combined with diamonds and emerald to provide a unique design. They offer a royal look to the person who is wearing it. So if you are interested in purchasing such a unique color, then visit any jewelry company in the country that offers wholesale gemstones for sale. The quality of the stone you are purchasing will depend upon the showroom you are choosing.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry Company in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur India

Even though there is a wide range of showrooms available in the market, DWS has created a unique space. Their manufacturing unit has continuously tested all the gemstones they place in their jewelry to ensure quality and efficiency. Ranging from necklaces to rings, their collection is extensive, and hence you can enjoy a different world of the sapphire gem within the showroom. The groups are also available for the brides and other Grand occasions. Men can also choose designs in this stone to ensure their good luck, especially in the form of a ring.

Dazzling necklaces

If any gemstone can compete with the diamonds, then blue sapphire is one of them. They are well known for creating the best designs, especially in necklaces. If you are looking forward, then experience a wide range of collections with these stones. The designs are available in various models, and going for a plane necklace with simple stones placed among them might be a suitable choice. These necklaces can go well along with light-colored costumes, and they are also available in floral arrangements and other designs. Using a simple blue gemstone all over the necklace might be a bit too much, so most designs have the Sapphire stone as the centerpiece surrounded by other gems to ensure a good look.


Nowadays, most engagement rings have diamond settings all over them, with a unique gemstone placed in the middle. This gem will be a good choice for such rings since they express the power of purity to your better half.

Rings can be a suitable model for both men and women. Men can use them as a lucky charm, while women can use them as their engagement rings. Minute gemstone can also be used in the wedding band for a unique design. The statement designs in a ring can be pretty expressive, especially if combined with a good combination of costumes.

Bracelet designs

Similar to rings, bracelets are also suitable for these stones. There are many types of bracelets available in the market and among them are very suitable for gemstones. For example, a tennis bracelet with blue sapphire gemstone will be beautiful, and a charm bracelet will also capture the perfect design. Similarly, statement bracelets can also have a large gem in the center to make them more beautiful. The cuff bracelets are also a suitable choice for the gemstone, and they make a heavy design.

If you are interested in such bracelets, visit the DWS shop located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With the help of well-experienced designers and separate manufacturing units, they have created a perfect blue sapphire jewelry company with collections suitable for people within and outside the country. Being an exporter of such designs, they have managed to have their website and mobile application for online order placement. Match your bracelets with the costumes for obtaining the best results.


Similar to bracelets, bangles are also a good choice for such a unique jewelry item. The traditional design bangles with this gemstone go well along with most jewelry designs in the market. But using a bangle with this gemstone alone will make it richer and unsuitable for regular wear. So choose a design that is simple with a suitable metal. DWS offers a wide range of bangles in brass and copper that will go well along with blue sapphire gemstone.

If you are interested in purchasing such a unique jewelry piece, contact the showroom for more details. The brides can visit the gallery directly to gain more knowledge on the designs available in the showroom. They can be used for or both reception and muhurtham depending upon the costume color. The collection also includes beautiful pendants and chains with sapphires embedded all over the designs.


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